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Little Goblin

Image of a friendly little goblin by Richard Morris (YAFGC)

This is a demo installation of Little Goblin, a fantasy game based upon the framework by the same name, which is currently under development. This test server will be reset with each update.

You are invited to test the current functionality by using the "anon" login with password "anon". If you want to report any bugs or if you miss a specific feature, please file a bug report or a feature request on

You can also just send a mail ( ) or tweet me:!/dewarim

Currently, the recommended browser is Firefox - this site looks fugly in IE, but should be usable.

Documentation for Little Goblin can be found at

                *Version 0.3.3 "Fixtures"* / 2013-03-16

                * Improved documentation
                * Upgrade to Grails 2.2.1
                * Migrated game and system data of the reference implementation to fixtures,
                which allows you to edit them more easily.
                * Fixed: when creating a new order, initialize its main chat.
                Version 0.3.2 "Tick-Tock" / 2013-02-12

                * Fixed #3: add gameName config parameter as default title to pages.
                * Changed: Run game ticks in a background thread (no more need for a cron job to run ticks).
                * Fixed #14: Version link in footer was broken.                                           

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Little Goblin is a fantasy browsergame where you fight against monsters, grab their treasure, advance in levels and generally try to stay alive.
The goal is to become the world's greatest hero and finally vanquish the Red Undead Old One Lich King Dragon Master Arch-Anything Chaos Demon Vampire Devil Lord Of Very Darkness And Insufficient Light.