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Little Goblin

Image of a friendly little goblin by Richard Morris (YAFGC)

This is a demo installation of Little Goblin, a fantasy game based upon the framework by the same name, which is currently under development. This test server will be reset with each update.

You are invited to test the current functionality by using the "anon" login with password "anon". If you want to report any bugs or if you miss a specific feature, please file a bug report or or a feature request on

You can also just send a mail ( ) or tweet me:!/dewarim

Currently, the recommended browser is Firefox - this site looks fugly in IE, but should be usable.

Documentation for Little Goblin can be found at

                Version 0.5.3 "GDPR - Great Dragon of Privacy Refinement" / 2018-05
                * Added privacy notice to imprint.
                * Disabled Facebook like button.
                Version 0.5.2.x ""
                * Changed link to issue tracker (use GitHub instead of Sourceforge).
                * Refactored FightService slightly to improve code reusability in project Schedim.
                * Link to complete changelog is working again.
                Version 0.5.0 "Small Updates" / 2015-07-11
                * Updated plugin versions

                Version 0.5.1 "Fix Panic" / 2015-07-11
                * Fixed broken many-to-many relations ("I haven't changed a thing!")
                Version 0.4.9 "Infernal Servant Error" / 2015-01-03
                * Fix typos
                * Translate mote messages to German
                * Improve tests
                * On start page, show link to admin page for admins
                * Refactor Grand Melee and fight code
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Little Goblin ist ein Fantasy Browsergame, in dem du gegen Monster kämpfen kannst, ihre Schätze einsacken und während du versuchst, zu leveln und überleben.
Das Ziel ist, der größte Held der Welt zu werden und dem uralten monströsen Drachenkönigzaubererchaosdämonenerzteufel und Herrn der weitgehend lichtlosen Finsternis vorm Morgengrauen zu besiegen.